Means of Production: Shaken or Stirred

in collaboration with Suite ThreeOhSix and Feastly
Means of Production is an experiential cocktail that explores the relationship of mixology, movement and making. Guests will enter another dimension of time and motion, where shaking, stirring and smashing are transformed into an experimental choreography.
Stimulating all the senses, Means of Production engages 3 of New York City’s top bartenders to mix, shake or stir their respective, classic cocktails while under blacklight motion capture.
Chris Lowder (Nomad and Amor y Amargo)
Jack McGarry (Dead Rabbit and Tales of the Cocktail International Bartender of the Year)
Dessert Menu by Calva
Part contemporary dance, part cocktail party, guests will not only witness a ballet of mixology, but, in their drinking, become part of the performance as their consumption becomes the background of this otherworldly tableau vivant.
Dress code is strictly limited to black.

Tuesday, May 13th

8:00-10:00 PM

Suite ThreeOhSix

59 Franklin Street, #306, New York, NY

N, R, Q or 6 train to Canal Street

Tickets: $30

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